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Gaming Network

Network Musts for Serious Gamers

You’re broadcasting a Fortnite session on Twitch and everything is going great: chat flowing in the sidebar; crystal-clear graphics on the stream. But then your Internet acts wonky. Everything feels delayed, like a long-distance phone call. Before you know it,…

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Guest WiFi Musts for Would Be Airbnb Superhosts

Airbnb is changing the way people travel, but it is also creating sometimes very lucrative additional incomes for homeowners everywhere, including across Southern California. As many an experienced Host knows however, it's the amenities that an Airbnb provides are what…

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Will Ethernet Be Replaced by 5G?

As we use mobile technology on a wider and wider scale, both for business and personal use, the need for faster and more reliable connectivity has never been so important. 5G is the next generation of wireless networking technology and…

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