Access Control Systems For Your Business

There are those who believe that, when discussing access control systems, you are just talking about security systems but using newer, fancier terminology. That is, however, a mistaken belief. An access control system is more than a passive alarm or a carefully placed security camera, it controls just who can – and cannot – access a Southern California company’s assets – both physical and logical – at any given time and can be designed and installed to meet a company’s unique needs, whatever they may be.

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Keep Visitors and Employees Safer

Any company with a physical location wants to provide a safe environment for their employees to work in and working to ensure the safety of visitors and customer while on premises is just as important. To provide this, more than just a burglar alarm or a CCTV security camera is called for. Access control systems provide far more, and can be designed and installed to:

Provide Better Visitor Management – Keeping track of visitors is a must, for both security and logistics purposes. Yet this is still something often left to a lone, overworked receptionist to do via a handwritten log.

In the 21st century this is not the best solution, even though it sounds like a cheap and easy one. No real security is provided and often visitor information is left for anyone to see. Tracking visitors via an automated visitor management system will provide greater security, more accurate records and reporting and instill a greater sense of visitor confidence.

Limit Access to – and Secure – Sensitive Areas

The entrance and exit doors to your premises, the parking lots outside and even perhaps certain areas of the facility’s interior – data centers, employee only areas, even restrooms – can be made more secure by implementing the use of electronic keys, ID cards and even biometric identification techniques.

Secure Logical Assets

In a world where so much is going on online and via computers, it’s not unusual for some of a business’ greatest assets to be data based instead of physical. Too often however, these crucial assets are only protected by a flimsy password system. Logical asset protection offers any Southern California business so much more, including:

Next level employee access control via mobile authentication and/or two factor authentication.

Online fraud prevention via advanced layer authentication for customers.

Increased legal compliance with industry, state or nationally mandated regulations via a layered, multi authentication system.

What Southern California Business Types Benefit Most from Access Control

Almost any Southern California business can, in some way, benefit from the implementation of a formal access control system. For some businesses though it is becoming a must. These include:

– Retail Stores

Not only do retail stores need to provide a secure environment for their employees and better safeguards for their physical inventory, they also need to honor the trust customers put in them by ensuring that their sensitive data – especially their financial information – is properly protected.

– Healthcare Facilities

Adherence to data privacy rules and HIPPA policies, as well as general patient safety, has become of the utmost importance for any medical practice, and so healthcare facilities in Southern California are some of the greatest beneficiaries an access control system.

– Businesses Housed in Multi-Tenant Buildings

For any Southern California business that shares a building with other tenants it makes sound business sense to use an access control system to help ensure the premises are accessible only to the employees, customers and visitors who are supposed to be there.

– Small Businesses

It’s hard for a growing small business to provide more human gate-keeping than installing a single employee at a reception desk, one who is then expected to police entry and entrance from the premises while also completing 101 other tasks. A well-designed access control system can provide big company level security at a very affordable price while also improving the quality of those over-worked employees lives considerably.

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