Amazing Smart Home Innovations You’ll Love

Our homes are getting more and more dependent on tech. Which is a good thing. But sometimes the gadgets that are arriving on the market surprise even serious tech nerds like us.

The newest home tech devices save you time, stress, and finally put an end to those times you accidentally answer the door to that neighbor who’s always selling something (her kids’ fundraisers, Tupperware, questionable weight-loss supplements) and even allow you to stay in your hammock while you mow your lawn. Here’s a look at some home tech that is really wowing us right now.

TVs With Curved Screens

While they may look a little odd at first, curved screen TVs really are very cool. They offer a great view of the TV from any angle in the room and their unique shape minimizes the effects of glare from interior and exterior light. Plus, they are a real talking point when guests arrive.

Lutron Light Dimmer

Dimmer lighting is nothing new, but this gadget, from Lutron, can not only control every light in your home (if you so desire) from a single, sleek wall switch but can be connected directly to Amazon’s Alexa so that they can be controlled by your voice as well.

Self Watering Planter

Going away in vacation this summer and worried what will happen to your plants while you are gone? The innovative Smartpot will take care of them by dispensing water and plant food on a scheduled basis for up to a month. No need to give that nosy neighbor a key to come in and water them after all. (Note: this is also great for those of us whose thumbs are more black than green and kill every plant we own.)

Nest Security Cam

If you sleep better at night knowing your home is being protected (and who doesn’t?), the Nest Cam will send you a phone alert or email with photos if it detects activity outside. Plus, it has a built-in smart speaker so you can talk and listen through the device. Several of them can be placed around your home and linked together too.

Smart Bathtub

The Archer VibrAcoustic Bath serves as a powerful bluetooth speaker when it is empty. Once it is filled the music waves ripple through the water. Link it to your favorite relaxing Spotify playlist and enjoy the best home spa Saturday ever.

The Roomba for Your Lawn

A beautiful lawn is a wonderful thing, mowing it, not so much. Enter the Worx Robot Lawn Mower, a gadget that is basically a Roomba for your lawn. It uses a shock sensor system to mow around obstacles and returns to its base if it senses rain or needs to recharge its battery. It won’t fetch your next drink (yet) but will allow to you to keep on chilling while it does all the hard work.

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