What are the benefits of fiber optics in the home?

Fiber-optics is one of those things that sounds high tech. Most people, in fact, would likely agree it sounds a little too high tech for something as relatively simple as a home data or cable television connection.

The truth is fiber optics are really nothing more than a means by which information can be transmitted quickly and in high volume from one place to the next.

What are Fiber Optic Cables?

The easiest way to imagine how fiber works is to imagine your data as a beam of light. What the silica or glass fibers in the wire do is allow you to send that light along the cable in such a way that allows it to arrive at the other end in identical form to when it was sent.

Once you have a light beam that can be transmitted from one place to the next, you have a way to move data from one place to the next. The fact that it is being transmitted on a cable simply means the data can be directed in, through and around structures and other equipment, which makes it possible to bring signals through an outdoor network into homes, businesses and other buildings.

Fiber optic splices, connections and extensions are a little more complicated than standard electrical wires because entire collections of fibers must be managed instead of simply making a connection between two end points. Once this problem is overcome, however, the benefits are considerable.

The Top Advantage of Fiber Optics

First and foremost, home owners like those looking for residential fiber optics in Montclair, CA, or the Los Angeles area, should be aware of their data capacity needs. Cable television and video streaming are likely to require considerable bandwidth. Fortunately this is where fiber optic connections are strongest. Because of the physical properties of light, it is possible to transmit data on multiple channels simultaneously, meaning capacity can be multiplied to levels far beyond simple copper wires.

The average deployed fiber optic data connection can reach speeds of between 10 gigabits and 40 gigabits per second. At full speed, this is the equivalent of downloading roughly one feature-length DVD-quality film per second. Now most homes don’t need that kind of bandwidth on a consistent basis, but the fact that a single connection can handle that level of data transfer makes it possible for service providers like those with fiber optics for home in Montclair CA to deliver impressive services with remarkable reliability and at a reasonable cost.


Most might conclude the speed possibilities make fiber optics the obvious choice, but in addition to higher speeds, fiber optics are also non-conductive, which means they neither cause or are they affected by electromagnetic interference from nearby appliances, radio transmitters, vehicle engines or power lines. This is more important than most people might think because on a standard copper line, EM interference can cause drops in speed and may even affect devices that rely on those data connections.

Less Deployment Expense

Because of their ability to transmit data over very long distances without signal attenuation, fiber optics are far less expensive to deploy when compared with more limited copper wire connections. For a standard wire, signals must be boosted at regular intervals to prevent signal loss. Fiber optics don’t suffer from this limitation.


Also because of the fact optical cables don’t conduct electricity, they can’t be affected by lightning, electrical shorts or other damage caused by environmental factors, wildlife or other events that might render standard copper wires unusable. This is especially important in rural areas where inspections and service might not be as frequent as in a city.

Fewer Thefts

Copper wiring is a frequent and popular target for theft due to its value on the secondary scrap metal market. The more copper connections in a particular neighborhood the more likely it is some or all of them may be impacted by interruptions in service due to the loss of the lines. Fiber optics are not as valuable, so the likelihood of theft is far lower.

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