Best Holiday Gifts for the Office Gadget Geek

It’s holiday season again, and at work that means time for office gifting and secret Santas. Which can be a real pain. With a budget limit – and often a limited knowledge of what a person might consider a good gift – it’s often hard to buy something that might be appreciated.

In most offices though, there are always at least one or two tech geeks (and not necessarily just the folks in the IT department) who are always going to appreciate something gadgety. Given that most office gifting is kept under $20 here’s a look at some of the best choices for holiday gifts for the tech lovers in your workplace (and if you feel the need to treat yourself while shopping as well, we won’t tell)

The MOS Cable Organizer

For most people one of the annoying things about their tech laden office is the number of stray cables that litter their workspace. The MOS Cable Organizer is an easy, inexpensive way to help solve that problem. It can accommodate several cables at once and its magnetic so there is no winding involved. It also looks rather cool, another plus for those seeking a better-looking desk

The Anchor Underdesk Headphone Mount

Another aid to a more organized workspace, this unobtrusive, sturdy headphone hook attached quickly and easily to the underside of any desk and keeps your headphones handy when not in use. Even better, it can accommodate two sets, so you can hang up both your work use headset and those fancy Beats you got to help boost the volume on your break time tunes.

Nope Webcam Covers

Ever since Mark Zuckerberg was outed as ‘one of those people’ who covered up their webcam, tons of us have been taping ours up in the same way. The thing is though that does look a little like you belong to the tin foil hat brigade.

Nope Webcam Covers are elegant floating magnetic webcam covers that provide complete privacy and don’t leave a gooey mess on the device itself in the way that tape does. They are sold as a six pack, so for less than $15 you can cover up every camera you own and still not be considered strange.

4 in 1 Multiple USB Charger Cable

Nothing sucks more than not having your charger with you. Well, maybe except having to let someone use yours because their phone is dead, as while theirs is juicing up yours is dying. Having this little beauty on hand would be a great thing, to say the least.

This single cable features adapters than can charge pretty much any phone – iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Sony, supermarket no name brand – almost any USB equipped gadget and even a Kindle. Gifting this to someone in your office will actually be like gifting the office as a whole, as it should mean that no-one is ever without a way to charge up their tech toys again.

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