Buying Your Dream Big Screen TV? Important Things to Consider Before You Do

You’ve found it. The TV of your dreams. It’s big, it’s bold, it’s 4K – or maybe even 5K. The picture is beautiful and the sound is spectacular. It does ‘smart things’, is splendidly streamlined and the price is not giving you as much of a panic attack as you might have imagined when you set out on this particular shopping expedition.

All of these things are observations you are making in the showroom or on the store floor though. Where the TV you are so in awe of has been perfectly set up to attract as much attention as possible. But will it really work in your home? Here are some things to think about before you eagerly hand over your credit card to that lurking store clerk.

Where Will It Fit?

Big TVs have been ‘in’ for years now and they probably aren’t getting any smaller any time soon. The idea of having a big screen in your living room is, for most of us, a very appealing one.

Thanks to both streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime and the speed at which big movies are transplanted from movie theaters to DVD these days watching a big blockbuster flick not too long after its debut is perfectly possible and it’s often much nicer – and cheaper- to snuggle down on your own sofa with a bowl of freshly popped homemade popcorn rather than deal with all the annoyances of a trip to the movie theater.

Many of us have been happy that we had that luxury during the COVID-19 lockdowns., and so may be inspired to make our home entertainment set up even better, in case it happens again.

One potential downside to a big TV though is where to put it. When you are admiring that 60″ stunner in the store do remember that that measurement refers to the the size of the screen measured diagonally, not to the dimensions of the TV itself. In some cases the housing can add several inches on either size, as well as a tangle of wires.

So, it may be that you have to find 70″ worth of space in your living room. That’s over five feet. Where do you have five feet’s worth of space in the room? What will need to be moved in order to accommodate the TV safely?

One popular option though is the mount the TV to a wall. That way it does not ‘steal’ any floor space and, with some thought, can look super stylish, especially as it’s a great way to ‘hide’ all of those unsightly cords. Another is to house it in a built-in, although that does involve more fuss and expense.

Can You Set it Up Properly?

The literature for the TV says it’s ‘easy set up’. But all too often people find that when they get home and turn everything on it’s more complicated than it seems.

Which is the right setting for the picture? Which of the multiple sound options will reproduce that lovely sound that seduced them in the showroom. It’s often confusing, and frustrating, trying to get the right balance. And then there are all of those ports. Which one should the PS4 go in? And the Roku? And the DVD player? And how do you make it all work together? The instruction booklet has some pictures, but they aren’t much help.

Investing in Some Professional Help

For all of these reasons and more, when you get around to investing in your dream TV you should consider budgeting in professional installation like the service we offer at Data Installers as well.

If you want to mount your TV to the wall you need to ensure it’s going to stay there, and a pro really is the best person for that job. In addition, once your TV is installed, securely, where you want it, you can sit back and let the expert do all of that programming and wiring up for you, ensuring that the TV that you just made that big investment in does exactly what you paid for it to do; bring your hours and hours of hassle free enjoyment and entertainment for years to come.