Business VOIP – How it Can Change Your Business for Good

Lower costs are not the only reasons that businesses are making the switch to VOIP based phone services. Smaller businesses, even a business that is a home based one, find that VOIP allows them to offer far more to their clients and/or customers than they ever would have thought possible, or that would even be possible with with a more traditional phone system

Provide Better Customer Service

Voicemail boxes provided by many VOIP providers are incredibly customizable, offering a small business the chance to look just like a big business by the implementation of an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) , an automated telephony system that interacts with callers, gathers information and routes calls to the appropriate recipient.

Ease of Scalabilty

Scalability is another big advantage of VOIP services as well. It is the ambition of every small company to grow, and that growth often means adding employees, and those employees will need phones. A company may also find that it needs additional phone numbers so that calls can be directed to the right place quickly and more efficiently. Adding a new VOIP line is a far easier and far less expensive prospect than adding a traditional phone line. It can usually be accomplished digitally in just a few minutes, rather than the days, or even weeks, it can take a traditional phone company to add a new number of new line to an exisuting system they maintain.

There are a number of reasons why businesses switch to VOIP though. Information Week recently conducted a study of 280 US businesses of varying sizes that had either just switched to VOIP service or were considering doing so. The survey asked these business owners to state what there main reasons were for making the switch (it should be noted that multiple answers were allowed) and they found the following:

Lower Costs: 66%

  • Being able to merge voice and data networks: 43%
  •  Gain a platform for one stop communication between two or more areas: 41%
  • The ability to increase collaboration: 36%
  • Ease of management: 31%
  • Scalability: 24%

As you can see businesses have found a number of good reasons to make the switch to VOIP based telephone systems. If these reasons make sense for your business there are few reasons or barriers as to why this should not be a possibility that you investigate seriously.

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