Why Are Businesses Turning to Biometric Fingerprinting?

Biometric fingerprinting – as ‘high-tech’ as it might sound – is actually nothing new. As a usable technology, it has been around since the mid – Seventies – that’s around 50 years – but it is only now that more and more corporations and businesses are beginning to implement its use in the workplace. But the question that many who do not have is why should they consider it? What benefits might biometric fingerprinting offer to them? That’s the ‘big question’ we are going to begin answering here.

What is Biometric Fingerprinting Anyway?

Everyone’s fingerprints are unique. They can’t be altered, stolen or, when properly taken and analyzed, mistaken for anyone else’s. The biometric fingerprinting being utilized in businesses all over the world uses a small device to accurately capture an individual’s fingerprints to serve as an accurate record of their unique fingerprint that can then be put to a number of very useful purposes, including all of the following:

Accurate Time Keeping

The concept of the buddy punch is as old as the concept of the time clock itself. And even though most companies have moved from the old cardboard punch cards to a computerized, password-protected system it’s still pretty easy to do. Give your buddy your password and they can still log you in at work while you are actually still at home in the shower (or on line for Starbucks)

As harmless as some employees think this is, it’s actually fraud, and employers are acutely aware of this fact. By implementing a timekeeping system that requires an employee to punch in using a biometric fingerprint reader then the buddy punch is finally conquered.

Greater Security

Security in the workplace has always been important, but it has had to evolve to a whole new level in the 21st century. Now it is not only important to secure the physical assets of a business (its offices, its equipment and even its employees themselves) but its digital assets as well. Biometric fingerprint access systems offer businesses an efficient and cost-effective way to restrict access to almost anything, from the ladies room in the hallway to the computers on their employees’ desks. It’s security that’s almost foolproof and the average biometrics-based security system costs less than employing even a single full-time security guard, especially as a machine won’t get sick or ask for vacation time.

Future Uses

There are other uses for biometric fingerprinting on the horizon that may benefit businesses in a big way, especially those that are B2C based. In the retail field, for example, customers are beginning to demand a level of personalization and convenience from bricks and mortar stores that they already get when shopping online. That’s why some retailers are experimenting with an opt-in system that would allow regular customers to store a fingerprint to place an order. Get a latte every day? Your preferences could be tied to your fingerprint and the perfect for you coffee served up to you every morning with just the swipe of a finger!

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