Getting a New HDTV for Christmas? Why Considering Professional Installation is a Must

Are you planning on buying a new HDTV? Or isSanta bringing you one for Christmas? Any HDTV is still a pretty big investment and there are plenty of things to consider before you make that investment. Do you want plasma, LCD or projection screen? Flat or one of the new curved screens? What size will best suit the room that the new TV is going to ‘live’ in?

Once you’ve done your research and come up with the right answers, before you finally buy the TV that’s right for you there’s one more big thing to consider; should you have a professional install it for you?

TV Installation in the 21st Century

Just like televisions have evolved in leap sand bounds over the last few decades so have the complexities involved in actually getting them up and running. We’ve come a long way from the days when installing a new TV meant little more than plugging it in and spending an hour playing with the rabbit ears antenna to make sure you could pull in all the right stations.

These days to get your new baby going you may have to run cables through a wall, ensure that it is safely mounted (HDTVs are heavy) tweak a sophisticated sound system calibrate your television’s image quality and more.

Determining if you should hire a professional to install your TV depends on the complexity of the job and your confidence in your own DIY skills. You probably won’t need help physically installing it if your television is going to sit on a stand or in an entertainment center, or fit has a built-in base. But if you plan to mount a flat panel television on a wall you probably don’t want to leave that to chance.

Even if you’re confident that you can mount the television to the wall on your own – and be very you have to be very sure as a poorly mounted TV is a very expensive, and even very dangerous – an accident waiting to happen – you also have to think about the cabling.

How are you going to hide them? A wall filled with a maze of cables is far from attractive. Cables trailing all over the floor is both unsightly and a health hazard. And one look into the settings of any HDTV and you quickly realize that getting the right balance in terms of both sound and picture is going to be quite a challenge.

Before you pick an installation expert at random from a basic Google search, or whatever local directory you happen to prefer, you should take a little time to determine exactly what you are going to need from them. You’ll want to be sure that the professional will be able to handle the entire process.

We get that this might sound like a lot of work – and more of an expense than you might have banked on – just to get your new television up and running, but consider the risks of a poorly executed installation. Not only could you break your new, expensive television, but also you could damage your home in the process. It’s just better to invest in professional installation, let them so all the hard work while you get all the drinks and snacks ready for that first inaugural viewing once they’re done!

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