Cool Ways to Use Cortana in Windows 10 You May Have Overlooked So Far

As it turns one year old by now, as long as their computer meets the basic specs, most PC users have been tempted into – and in some cases pushed into – upgrading to Windows 10. And despite some of the grumbling about automatic updates and potential privacy concerns, it is actually a pretty good build and does, as many users have discovered, offer a number of rather neat features over its predecessors.

However, whether you installed Windows 10 as soon as it became available a year ago or have only succumbed recently, the chances are that you may have missed some crucial features that any busy and pressed for time PC user should find very handy, mainly because they have not particularly been highlighted or even explained very well by. And one of the biggest features that many people overlook is the smooth voiced virtual assistant Cortana.

Although ‘she’ sits right in the bottom tray at all times many people are not making the most out of Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana, who, yes, was based on the character in the ‘Halo’ games and is even voiced by the same actress. But the fact is that ‘she’ is more than just a Siri clone, she can actually perform all kinds of rather cool – and useful – tasks. Here are some of our favorites.

Ask Her to Sing

Siri can do many of the things that Cortana can and to be fair she did many of them first. However the one thing she kind of lacks in comparison is a human touch. Cortana has far more of a personality, due in large part to the fact that the voice actress behind her, Jen Taylor, recorded a lot of unique stuff that is played back at appropriate times in her own voice. Like when you ask her to sing. Go ahead, try it, it’s great. Even better, ask her to sing ‘What the Fox Says’, it’ll make your day.

Set Location Based Reminders and More

Let’s say you are browsing online and you come across an ad for something you want to pick up at the mall next time you are there. Tell Cortana about it on your PC, then install her app on your phone (it’s available for both iOS and Android) and the next time you are there she’ll remind you about it.

In actual fact you can ask Cortana to remind you about pretty much anything. Always forget to take your medications? She can remind you. Need to remember to pick up milk?
Tell her via PC when you remember and she can remind you via your phone when you head out.

Find Anything Fast

With Cortana Windows users have been granted the kind of powerful PC search we deserved two decades. Type anything you are looking for into her search box and she’ll find it. She can open apps and programs, help you change settings and permissions without the need to dig around in settings and even uninstall programs in just a few clicks.

Get Quick Conversions and Calculations

Cortana is great at converting and calculating all kinds of things. She can perform complex math equations or simple currency conversions. She can help you quickly figure out pounds vs. kilos, Fahrenheit vs. Celsius, cups vs. liters and more. And while many other apps and services can do these things too Cortana offers the advantage of doing it all via one single interface and she has a sense of humor while she works that will give you a chuckle too.

Ask Cortana to Explain Herself

Perhaps the best way for new or casual users to discover how to get the most out of Cortana is simply to ask her. Simply type – or say – ‘how can you help me Cortana?’ and she will respond with all kinds of suggestions in seconds.

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