Creative Uses for Residential CCTV You May Not Have Considered

Residential CCTV is becoming more and more commonplace. But security cameras are good for more than just securing your home from burglars. If you are considering CCTV for your home but have yet to decide if it’s the right investment for you to make consider some of these other uses you can put residential CCTV systems to that make them even more useful.

Monitor Workers

Planning on having some work done around the house this summer? A CCTV system will allow you to keep an eye on workmen and contractors, so that you don’t have to hang around all day to keep an eye on things but it can do more than that too. By using your cameras to record the work as it is being completed you can help ensure that everything you are paying for gets done and having documented evidence can help resolve any potential problems or concerns that may arise right away to avoid bigger issues later.

Make Your Home Even Smarter

Thanks to AI assistants like Alexa and Google Home creating a smarter home is easier, and more affordable, than ever before. But did you know that your CCTV system can make a smart home even smarter?

Security cameras can be used to communicate with other smart devices in your home to do things like automatically turn off lights and adjust the indoor temperature when you are away or after leaving the house.

Improve Your Vacation

One of the hardest things about being on vacation has always been worrying about what’s going on at home that you can’t see. Not just in terms of possible break-ins and bad guys but also wondering if the cat sitter will remember to show up, and when they do will they remember to close and lock the back door? How is the cat doing on their own? And did that package you’ve been waiting for for weeks finally show up?

The fact that a CCTV system can be easily linked to your cellphone means you’ll be able to check in and answer these – and many more – questions any time you like.

Solve Those Garden Mysteries

Something is eating all the veggies you so lovingly planted in your garden, but as it’s happening at night you really don’t know what it is, so you do not understand how to solve the problem and save the produce you’re so looking forward to harvesting and eating.

A CCTV camera with infrared lighting – which are easy to find – can be used to monitor all the goings on in your garden at night and help you determine if it’s rodents, bugs or just the neighbor’s wandering cat that’s causing the problem.

Document More of Your Life

The one thing a CCTV system can also do that you may not have thought about? Quietly document everyday life. The changing of the seasons, the comings and goings around the house, special occasions. Little things but precious memories that you’ll be glad, in years to come, your CCTV captured when you didn’t have the time to.