Enhancing California Homes with Technologies from Data Installers in Montclair, CA

Your California home is probably one of your most valuable investments as well as the place that you and your family spend so much time and create so many great memories. But what if technology could make your home so much more than that? A place that is as safe and secure as possible, or one that is truly connected and efficient, offering you, your family and your guests the best in wireless technology, multi-media consumption and more. With the services offered by Data Installers, it can be all of this and more. Allow us to explain…

CCTV for Your Home (Closed-Circuit TV)

Even if you have a standard alarm system, is your home really safe? Without CCTV the answer is often no.

It may, to some, seem a little extreme to add CCTV to their home security set up, but the fact is it is becoming more commonplace in the US. We understand that to some people the idea of ‘spying’ on the neighbors seems rude but that really not what it’s all about.

Here are just some of the great reasons more and more Californian homeowners are choosing to protect their property with CCTV:

Add a Visual Crime Deterrent to Your California Home

CCTV can act as a big deterrent to opportunistic criminals, especially when it comes to pre-planned crimes. This means that thieves are much less likely to target your home, helping keep your belongings secure and increasing the safety of your family.

Cover Blind Spots Around Your Property

Not every corner of their property is visible to many homeowners from the safety of the inside of their home. Do you know, for example, what might be going on in your garage when you are watching TV in your living room? Or what might be happening near the fence at the bottom of your backyard? Chances are that the answer is no.

A CCTV system allows you to monitor these blind spots and can alert you to a possible threat long before a standard alarm system ever could.

Score Insurance Deductions

You probably know that the more security options your personal vehicle has the less your auto insurance usually costs. The same is true of your home. The presence of a CCTV system is seen as a big security benefit by insurers as it significantly decreases the chance that a property will be burgled or vandalized. Therefore, they are usually willing to offer a policy cost reduction to homeowners with CCTV.

CCTV Can Offer Legal Protections

CCTV can also help bring criminals to justice or prove or disprove the facts in a civil case. If the worst was to happen and your property was robbed or vandalized, or if another criminal event took place in the vicinity of your cameras then your CCTV footage can be given to the police to help find and identify the culprits. And that’s not as far-fetched as it seems. Have you seen those viral videos of ‘porch bandits’ stealing packages from people’s doorsteps? They came from CCTV systems and in most cases, the criminals were apprehended as a result of the footage.

Audio/Video Solutions for Your Home

Imagine pausing a movie in the living room, then starting it at the same spot from the comfort of your bedroom. Or throwing party where the music moves with you and your guests, playing seamlessly whether you are in the kitchen, the living room or on the deck.

This sort of whole-house AV system distributes sources — such as satellite TV or a DVD player, even a streaming service like Netflix or Spotify — to different environments or zones, throughout the home. Sources are centralized in one location (known as the “head end”), giving you the convenience and joy of your music, movies and media in any room.

This kind of system is not a future imagining. It’s real and already in place in homes across California and beyond. It does take a professional to make sure it is installed right and functions correctly but that usually costs far less than people imagine it might.

Home Networking and Wireless Solutions for Your Home

How many devices are trying to make use of your home’s Wi-Fi right now? Don’t just count PCs and laptops here, remember to include everyone’s smartphones, their Alexas and Google Homes, their video game consoles, their iPads or other tablets, their handheld video game consoles …the list goes on and on.

So many of the gadgets we take for granted on a daily basis rely on Wi-Fi access that it’s no wonder that the average home Wi-Fi set up – usually nothing more than a modem from your Internet provider and a single hugely overworked wireless router – is probably not quite performing up to the standards you expect or providing you with those Internet speeds your provider is charging you for every month.

A professionally designed and installed home network can solve many of these problems. A professional can help you calculate your REAL networking needs, advise on the equipment you should be using to meet them, help decide where it is all best placed and then even install it for you to ensure everything is connected and working as it should be.

The other thing a professionally installed home network can offer you is wireless functionality. You really don’t need a 35ft ethernet cable trailing across your living room but setting things up wirelessly can be tricky. And wireless functionality does not just stop there. Wireless audio and video, wireless accent lighting (aka lamps) wireless kitchen gadgets and much more can be set up so that the amount of ugly cable cluttering up your home is significantly reduced.

As many homeowners have discovered this can make a real difference to the quality of the connectivity every Wi-Fi-enabled device in your home receives and its look and feel once all the wires are gone, so the investment in professional help practically pays for itself very quickly.

These are just some of the useful, innovative and affordable solutions Data Solutions can offer to California homeowners. To learn more about them contact us or give us a call, we’ll be happy to discuss any of them further and answer any – and all – questions you may have.