Do you Know the Possibilities of Fiber Optics in the Home? Learn More…

With numerous companies offering network and cable installation services, it is difficult to distinguish one from the next. In terms of services that are in line with current technologies, Data Installers Inc. is a provider that specializes in fiber optic cabling systems. The technology behind fiber optics is rapidly advancing. When determining whether fiber optics is the right solution for you, make sure to consult with a company that specializes in installing these high-speed cabling networks. Let’s examine six benefits of choosing fiber optics over traditional cable.

1. Increased Bandwidth

With technology running entire businesses today, it is important that you have access to more bandwidth. Fiber cable is the perfect solution as the standard performance stands at 10Gbps. Although dependent on the type of cable installed, fiber cables can carry more information with an increased fidelity.

2. Higher Speeds

An excellent feature of fiber cables is that data can be moved at extraordinarily fast speeds for longer distances due to its lightweight design. This enables easy transmission with little signal loss. Depending on the type of cable, wavelength, and network, fiber cables can range from 550 meters to 40 kilometers. This far outweighs the typical 100 meter limitation of copper cables.

3. Security

Fiber cable has added security benefits because it does not radiate signals like traditional copper cable and is difficult to tap. If this occurs, the entire system tends to fail, making it easy to detect when there is a break in security. Furthermore, fiber cables can be linked and allow for electronics to be stored in a centralized location.

4. Reliability

Many individuals and businesses are drawn to fiber cable because of their reliability. It has immunity against factors that affect traditional cables such as environmental elements, electrometric interference, radio-frequency interference, and crosstalk to name a few. Furthermore, fiber cable does not respond as drastically to temperature changes and can also run through water.

5. Favorable Design

One of the most notable features of fiber cables is its lightweight and thin design. Higher speeds with traditional cables require larger diameters that weigh more and take up a significant amount of space. Fiber cable provides nearly ten times the amount of pulling specifications but takes up a minimal amount of space.

6. Cost

While fiber optic cable is generally more expensive than traditional copper cable, the costs for the cable, components, and hardware is beginning to decrease. In the long run, fiber cable will cost less as the maintenance is low, there is less interference and down-time, service requires minimal hardware, and technology makes installation easier than ever.

While Data Installers Inc. can handle your fiber optic installation needs, they also specialize in other services including CCTV surveillance, business telephone services, structured cabling, and audio video installation. On top of all the encompassing features they possess, Data Installers Inc. also provides I.T. service and support for customers to allow for smooth integration and simplistic explanations for troubleshooting. Call Data Installers Inc. for your fiber optic installation today!

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