How to Better Secure Your Business During COVID-19 Shutdowns

Back in March, when businesses first closed their physical doors and sent their employees home to work remotely, most people thought it was a situation that would just last for a few weeks.

Fast-forward five months, and many California companies are still operating remotely and, if they are following Governor Newsom’s advice they will probably be doing so for the foreseeable future. Some California based businesses intend to keep their employees working remotely through the summer of 2021.

No doubt you have been focusing much of your energies on your company’s network structure so that everyone can keep working remotely efficiency. But what about those shuttered offices of yours? Are they secure? Eventually it’s likely you’ll need them again, along with everything they contain.

Now that you’ve realized that your offices are going to be closed for longer than expected, it’s time to really get serious about security. Here are some tips:

Evaluate Your Security Cameras (Or Install Some)

Maybe you have CCTV around your premises but it’s limited to ‘high risk’ areas like your parking lot. Maybe it was something you always meant to get around to but never quite did. Either way, now that your offices are empty 24/7 it’s crucial that you have a CCTV system in place that can keep a careful eye on it all day (and night) all the time. Both inside and out.

Once that’s done (and we can certainly help there) you also need to ensure that there is a proper chain of command when it comes to camera monitoring and responding to alerts. Even if you have a monitoring company in place they do need to know who to contact at any given time.

Consider Access Control

Maybe some people HAVE to go into the office at times. And they may be going at odd times of the day. Maybe you have to allow some contractors into your premises. Maybe your office IS open but you are trying to restrict who enters from the outside world for the protection of your staff.

Whatever the situation, installing an access control system may help not only better secure your premises but also help keep your employees healthy and give them greater peace of mind about returning to work.

Use Good Old Fashioned Common Sense

Technology like CCTV and access control system is a huge help when trying to keep your currently empty offices as secure as possible. But you also need to employ some good old-fashioned common sense, by keeping the following basic safety tips top of mind:

Remove anything, like posters, retail display racks and similar, from the windows as to not obstruct the view into your business for your security cameras or patrolling law enforcement.

Remove all cash and receipts. Don’t leave donation boxes on the front desk, cash boxes with “floats”, or safes at your business. Empty out cash registers and leave them open.

Remove client and staff personal information that could be stolen and used for identity theft.

Don’t leave any valuables visible or accessible. If you can’t securely store them out of sight on premises remove valuables from your office and take them home.

Remove all alcohol products from display and put the inventory in a locked storage area, or remove it from the premises.

Remove material around the exterior of the property, such as wood pallets, bricks, ladders, or metal poles, that may be used to gain entry.

To increase security, consider installing security film on accessible windows and glass doors to increase glass integrity from blunt force.

Need help securing your business with CCTV or access control? Contact us today to discuss what we can do to help keep your business safe while you and your staff are away.