Is It Time to Upgrade Your Business’ Wireless Router?

Many companies rely on their wireless networks to keep their business running at maximum capacity and efficiency. And so when things seem to be starting to go wrong it can seem like disaster may be looming on the horizon, especially for businesses that rely on wi-fi as a customer perk, such as cafes, bars and service businesses like doctor’s offices. However, the good news is that those annoying lags, slowdowns and disconnections may not be the huge problem you imagine, you may just need to rethink your wireless router options.

Understanding Your Wireless Router(s) Workload

Most people know the basics about what a wireless router is and basically what it does; What they sometimes don’t appreciate is just how much work it has to do ‘behind’ the scenes to keep a wireless network running. As Internet speeds increase, and the volume of devices trying to connect to a wireless router does the same. even the most expensive of routers can quite literally become overwhelmed, resulting in the kinds of slowdowns and glitches that are so very annoying and even a little worrisome.

Good Reasons to Consider a Wireless Router Upgrade

Just like Internet technology is changing and improving all the time so are wireless routers. A router considered more than adequate for use in your business may very well be reaching the end of its useful lifespan right now. So even if you’d probably prefer to ‘get a little more’ out of it before consigning it to the tech graveyard there are some very good reasons to consider an upgrade sooner rather than later. Here are just some of the benefits your company may gain from doing so:

Faster Internet Speeds: The latest generation of wireless routers has been specifically designed to provide optimal speed to every device accessing it and can handle a surge in connection requests.

Greater Access: New routers are more capable of covering larger areas, leading to an end to frustrating dead zones.

Better Security: Security is a huge concern for anyone making use of a wireless network and newer wireless routers are far better at providing the optimal security you need in a way that is easily accessible and easy to implement and understand.

Get What You are Paying For: Far too many businesses pay for the best Internet speeds their ISP has to offer but then never actually get close to them. Nine times out of ten this is down to their wireless router, as older models were never designed to handle the kinds of speeds that they may be asked to now.

Deciding If You Need a New Router

Not sure if you need a new router? Not sure which one to get if you do? At Data Installers we are here to help. Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your current issues, concerns and future plans and recommend a solution that meets your needs and fits your budget. We’ll then ensure your newly upgraded wireless network is properly implemented to finally get your business where it wants to be; making the most of wireless networking each and every day.

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