Reliable Home Access Control – How To Create a Safer Home with Technology

Ensuring strong access control to your home is essential if you want to keep it safe. And the fact is we all want to feel as safe at home as possible right now.

From keeping track of who goes in and out of your house to knowing when an unauthorized person is trying to bypass your system, smart home security begins with access control. In this blog, we’ll explore some great places to start for reliable protection in and around your property.

Smart Door Locks

The obvious place to start with your access control system is your door locks. After all, they’re your first line of defense against any possible outside threat. By integrating smart locks — digital devices that don’t require a traditional key – you can get a lot of benefits. Whether you prefer using keycards, PIN codes or biometric scanners for your system, by installing some you can help ensure that your home will remain safe.

In fact, biometrics are among the fastest-growing means of access authorization in homes and businesses across the country. By scanning your fingerprint or retina to unlock the door, you never have to worry about losing your key. Plus, because you’re actually using parts of your body to gain entry, the system is almost impossible to trick.

Integrated Cabinets and Safes

Want to make sure the kids don’t break into the liquor cabinet when you’re out? Smart access control allows you to lock up cabinets and safes digitally. That means only users with the appropriate authorization can get in. You don’t have to worry about anyone sneaking a drink, even if you’re miles away.

Of course, if you have certain valuables locked away you may want to give someone emergency access authorization. But that doesn’t mean giving up security. You can easily monitor who uses the code or fingerprint scanner and receive push notifications immediately when it’s engaged.

Geo-Fencing Technology

Want hands-free control over your home security? Invest in a geo-fence. Geo-fences use your smartphone GPS to determine where you are geographically and engages your access control system based on the information.

If you step around the corner, your doors could automatically lock. If you drive to a different city, your entire home could engage in an “away” mode, shutting down all non-essential power and activating your security and surveillance systems. Conversely, once you return home, your property can automatically prepare for your arrival.

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