Signs Your Office Network is Failing to Never Ignore

Most businesses rely heavily on their office network to keep their day-to-day operations going. Which means that when something goes wrong, the whole company can come to a grinding halt.

In order to avoid this scary situation, you need to learn how to recognize the early warning signs that it’s time to upgrade your office network so that you can do so in a planned, organized way before you are forced to while trying to deal with the critical problem of a business that is stalled because its tech components have failed.

Coffee Break File Opens

If you actually take your coffee breaks to coincide with having to open certain files just so that you have something to do while you wait, then there is a problem. And not just in terms of the health of the hardware or server. Sluggish systems lead to decreased productivity, which can lead to a significant dent in your overall bottom line.

The Place is Getting Noisier

Often, when a car is beginning to fail in some way it will start making odd noises that can serve as an early warning sign of trouble to come, and the same often holds true of aging hardware.

Fans and hard drives age and as they do they lose efficiency and also become noisier as they do so. Odd whirs, clicks and hums are not OK, and they are more than just an annoyance, they often indicate something bad is on the way and should not be ignored.

The IT Guy is on Double Overtime

If the single busiest person in your office is your IT guy because he’s forever being called on to fix niggling little issues day in and day out you need to do something about it, not just to save his sanity but also to stop the productivity killing time sucks that network problems bring with them.

You Can’t Run That Great New Software

As times change so do the softwares that are most useful to businesses in all kinds of niches. There are software innovations cropping up all the time that can help improve communications, increase productivity, automate everyday tasks and more, but if your network and systems are just too outdated to handle them its more than frustrating, it can really slow your business’ growth down.

Armageddon Finally Hit

The day has come. Your server has officially died. Your network is completely down, and your business has come to a grinding halt. As you scramble to replace everything, you quickly begin to discover that your software and/or hardware is outdated, discontinued, and no longer has technical support.

Planning ahead is the only way to avoid this kind of ‘doomsday’ scenario. It’s a lot easier – and usually a lot cheaper to – to go through a planned set of system upgrades than it is to recover from a disastrous system failure that could have been prevented.

Many of the services we offer at Data Installers can be very useful when it comes to creating – and maintaining – the best possible office network. Contact us today to learn more.