Simple Signs You Need to Update Your Company’s Access Control System

Is your company growing? We certainly hope so! But when a company is growing its’ operational needs quickly become more complex. Not just your hardware and software needs, but the sometimes-overlooked day to day functions as well.

For example, just how do people get in and out of your building? You need an access control system that can keep up with the new employees and perhaps an increase in visits from clients, customers and the general public as well.

So, is it time to start thinking about making a change? If your company is dealing with aspects of any of the following scenarios, it is indeed time to consider making the switch.

Your company is growing fast

Your company is finally growing, a nod to all the hard work you’ve been putting in (and a consolation for all that missed sleep). You are on the right track to accelerated growth, and on average you are hiring one to two employees at least every few months. It’s a good sign of growth but your existing access control system may not be keeping up, and that could be putting your entire operation at risk.

Is your employee on-boarding hampered by the fact that you cannot give your new hires access and keys to the office on their first day because you just don’t have any extra key cards and/ or keys for them? Are you stuck waiting for external services, locksmiths and your access system provider to duplicate your keys and key cards and a week later you still haven’t heard a thing?

Those new employees are quickly going to tire of standing on the doorstep waiting to be let in in the morning, or chasing co-workers for bathroom keys aren’t they? It’s not exactly your fault either. It’s just your existing access control system may not be as intuitive and efficient as you need now, and you should start to realize that you may need to make a switch.

Your company is fearful of security risks

Wait, so last month there was a break in at a company near yours and multiple laptops, desktops, TVs, and desks were stolen? And there were no real signs of forced entry?? So what did they do wrong that you can do right?

Perhaps one of their past employees never returned their keys and left bearing a grudge. Maybe they don’t have proper records of who had access to the building and they just don’t know who has access to which door or who copied whose key.

And even if they did, bothering past employees to return old keys is not a viable and intuitive solution. But what is clear is that their access solution isn’t working. Which is why yours must. There are great solutions available to eliminate access much more efficiently and find new ways to keep track of existing access. It may be time to invest in them before you suffer the same fate as your neighbor.

Your company’s heavy keychain is making office operations inefficient for everyone.

On average your co-workers spend 10 minutes a day trying to figure out which key belongs to which door and by the time they figure it out, they are already running late.

And when you look at your keychain and think you carry more keys than your superintendent….. well, that only means that “there ought to be a better way to enter my office”.

Your company’s existing access control system is outdated

Let’s say your company was one of the first to get a keycard system, but a few decades later you are still using the same system. You regularly encounter problems such as non-working fobs and cards, and on more than one occasion you have been locked out because your outdated system stops working.

Well, this is a sign that you should be considering a switch. I mean, why are you still using 90’s equipment in the 21st century? It’s like using a Nokia phone in the age of the iPhone. And nobody wants to be that last guy, clutching to their brick-hard Nokia phone while everyone is touting the latest iPhone X

With access control systems, it’s the same. Nokia phones still work for basic calls and text messages (maybe) but they can no longer satisfy your everyday needs. With outdated access systems they do the basics – letting you in and out of the office – but they are not intuitive to meet your company’s growing office and operational needs.

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