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To be competitive in the online arena, gamers need quick decision-making and fast internet speeds. The use of fiber optic Internet for gaming provides you with an added advantage over your virtual opponents. It’s fast, it’s consistent, and it’s getting more and more affordable. Let’s take a deeper dive into why a fiber internet connection helps gamers so much.

Fiber is Faster

The demand for a faster Internet has skyrocketed as the world becomes more focused on remaining connected to the internet. This has only been amplified in 2020 with so many people working remotely.

Over long distances, DSL and cable could not offer the requisite speeds, so the growth of fiber cabling came to the home. With its ability to hit lightning fast speeds like 1 GB, gamers rejoiced. Here are a just a few reasons why speed is important when playing games online.

The Rise of Digital Downloads

Compared to purchasing physical disks that can get lost or scratched or “borrowed” by a friend who never returns it, it is much easier to download games.

But only if you have a fast internet connection is this cloud-based convenience a realistic gaming option. There is currently no form of internet transport that is faster than fiber. The average download of a game is about 50 GB. You could have a new game ready to play in just 7 minutes over a 1 GB fiber link, compared to a 10MB connection that would take 12 hours.

Great for Game Streamers

You want a smooth, buffer-free experience, whether you are watching your favorite gamer play Fortnite or you are streaming your League of Legends match on Twitch. Streaming calls for more bandwidth than a normal gaming session online.

When you intend to broadcast your gaming talents, you will have to factor in upload rates. Unlike DSL or copper links, fiber can deliver up to 1000 Mbps of fast symmetrical download and upload speeds.

Better Load Times

The graphics are constantly improving in video games. In a virtual world, 4k displays and VR headsets allow you to get lost and even forget you are in a game. But nothing can destroy the illusion more easily than having to wait for everything in the environment to load. Half a zombie chasing you (very slowly) is just not very scary is it?

In Open World Games and MMORPGs, higher Internet speeds mean faster loading of textures and other resources. The use of fiber for gaming allows you to play the game as it was designed to be played by the developers.

A Higher-Quality Connect

Fiber does not have the same shortcomings as copper-based technology. Internet providers levelling up to fiber had to invest in a newer infrastructure, resulting in a network that was more stable.

These days, some cable providers have a fiber optic backbone, but use copper for their ‘last mile solution,’ which is the cable that enters your house. A real ‘fiber internet connection’ means that the fiber goes to your house all the way.

Reduced Latency and Less Packet Loss

There is nothing more frustrating for online gamers than “lag,” otherwise referred to as packet loss.

In a first-person shooter like Call of Duty, the lack of data can be extremely frustrating. You have your opponent in your sights, then the lag hits, you’re dead and the rest of your squad hates you.

Low latency is responsible for the slow response of the game, which is how quickly the data can get to the server and back from your device or console. Fiber flies at light speed, making it the fastest link from Point A to Point B, reducing latency and packet loss significantly.

You need to use fiber for gaming if you want to taste the glory of beating your online enemies with regularity, and if you want to try your hand at broadcasting on game streaming sites, it’s an absolute must.

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