The Big Benefits Upgrading Their Access Control System Offers to Residential Landlords

Any landlord knows that as a property owner a great deal of the responsibility for security falls on them. And while commercial landlords have made great strides in this area, thanks to advanced access system technology residential landlords have been a little slower to catch up.

The fact is however that today’s residential renter is demanding such things. The standard residential security methods often just don’t cut it anymore. And there are, in fact, benefits for both tenants and landlords alike when an access control system is updated. Here is a look at some of the biggest of those.

Cut Costs on Lock Access

If a resident loses a key, or moves out without returning all the copies, the landlord is left in a potentially expensive predicament. While they almost certainly have their own copies of the missing key they have no idea who else might, so common sense dictates that the lock must be changed, an inconvenient and often costly process (especially if it happens often)

Making the switch to an electronic access control system, means that landlords no longer have to worry about lost or unreturned keys, as they will be able to simply remove the resident’s access from their card and create a new access card if necessary. It’s a system that is safer for tenants and far more cost effective for landlords.

Control Who Goes Where

If you have a large building, or even multiple properties, there may be areas you would like to limit resident access to. While there are communal areas that all residents can have access to, it may be beneficial to allow residents access to only their specific area in the building.

Additionally, there may be staff-only locations and storage rooms that you want to prevent residents from entering. An access control system will allow you to do that. By simply adjusting which areas residents have access to in the system, you can ensure their access cards only allow them to enter approved areas. This promotes safety and protects any secure areas in the building.

Prevent Strangers from Entering the Building

The prevention of unauthorized building access is one of the biggest concerns residential renters everywhere have. Yet, as many landlords know, it can be difficult to ensure only residents are coming and going, making it easy for strangers to enter the building undetected.

However, an access control system can allow you to run a report on who has used their access cards when and where. Furthermore, without an access card, a stranger could not simply walk into the building. This keeps your residents safe and secure. Your residents will feel better about living in the building knowing they are protected against strangers wandering into the building undetected.

Minimize Theft Risks

Buildings that use standard locks and keys are at a greater risk for theft, simply because standard locks are easier to pick and allow someone to enter for nefarious purposes. With FBI data showing that about 58.3% of burglaries in the United States are done using forcible entry, this is a major concern among residential buildings. However, as an access control system can be used to tightly monitor access to the building – and individual areas within it – this can significantly reduce theft and even accidents on the property.

As you can see, access control systems can offer a variety of benefits to residential building owners and landlords. And they are more affordable and easy to install than ever before, making choosing to use one almost a ‘no-brainer’ for any responsible landlord.

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