The Forgotten Security Threats That May Threaten Your Business


About a decade ago, if you mentioned business security to people they would immediately start thinking about alarm systems, deadbolts and maybe even guard dogs.

Mention business security today and it’s more likely that logical security comes to mind; data breech prevention, cyber threat management, that kind of thing. And logical security is very important. A logical security breech would devastate most companies large and small. However, one thing that many companies have unfortunately forgotten is that physical theft can be just as damaging.

Facing Modern Physical Security Threats

It’s not just hackers located miles away from your business who could breach your networks to steal information or simply cause basic havoc. Visitors or employees could do so physically without you ever knowing. Where are the most vulnerable spots in many businesses? Consider these:

An Open Lobby

No one should be able to walk through a company lobby without being properly checked in, but that is often the case.

Smaller companies often rely on a receptionist alone to be a gatekeeper and they, as very busy people, can become distracted fairly easily. There is a simple but often overlooked solution though; a locked door between the lobby and the office ‘inner sanctum’.

The Open Data Center

As the importance of computers and technology has become significant to even smaller companies – and is often huge for larger ones – leaving data centers – or even individual computers with network access – improperly secured is a real security risk.

If you have a data center, keep it locked and access to it restricted and monitored. Individual workstations should be securely password protected and mandate that those passwords are changed regularly and never shared.

Lack of Surveillance

CCTV and surveillance systems are more affordable, and more efficient, than ever right now. Yet many companies still balk at considering installing them. For some, because they are tenants in a building that has a degree of lobby security, they feel that they are already ‘covered’. For others its a concern over costs and/or how employees might react to suddenly ‘being watched’.

However, a CCTV system can prove invaluable. Even in a guarded building there are plenty of ways to dodge security and simply hop onto an elevator to whatever office – possibly unsecured office – the intruder chooses.

Not all announced visitors to an office are known to staff and may pose a security threat. And yes, not all employees are always 100% trustworthy, so a CCTV system is a deterrent against physical theft and perhaps even worse that every company should at least consider to help beef up their physical security.

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