Top Three Ways to Prevent Porch Piracy in 2019

The big holiday shopping season may be over, but as the number of people choosing to shop for almost anything online is still increasing everyday. And the chances are you (and your family) will do a lot more online ordering over the course of 2019 and why not? Shopping online is fast, convenient and you can often find a wider range of products than you can at the local stores (and even at the mall.)

However, the rise in popularity of online shopping has created a new opportunity crooks; the chance to take up a new career as a ‘porch pirate’.

Package theft statistics show how much of a problem this has become. According to one package theft survey, one-third of Americans have experienced package theft and over half of those polled know someone who has been the victim of package theft.

Despite the rise in the number of these kinds of thefts, there are some simple preventative measures you can implement to help prevent package theft. Use the following tips to keep your packages safe and delivered to the rightful owners, ie: you

Install Security Cameras

The single biggest thing you can do to prevent someone from stealing your packages is to install security cameras at your front door, or in your hallway, or driveway. Visible security cameras can help deter criminals from attempting to swipe your package as they will be captured by the camera.

Additionally, security cameras with a mobile app allow you to monitor your home on days when you are expecting a delivery. Your security camera will send an alert when it detects someone/something notifying you when the package was delivered. You may have seen some viral social media videos recently of people making use of that feature with some rather interesting results.

Some people might say that ‘fake’ security cameras would be just as effective, but that is not the case. Residential CCTV can be useful for more than just preventing porch piracy and the investment in a residential CCTV system can provide a great deal of peace of mind and is far more affordable than you might think.

Consider Making Use of Click and Collect

Click-and-collect is another easy way to protect your packages on your schedule. Many large retailers – including Walmart and Target – offer a click-and-collect option in which you can shop online and pick up in the store the same day or within 24 hours. Although this means you have to go to the store to pick up your order, stores are catering to this new consumer preference and making it quick and easy to run in and pick up your order. If you are an Amazon shopper they have even introduced Amazon Lockers, which are found in an increasing number of areas that allow you to pick up your goods from a secure locker making use of a special security code.

Ask the Neighbors For Help

This ‘old fashioned’ technique can still be effective if you have neighbors close by.  If you know your neighbor is home during the day you can ask them to hold your package once delivered until you get home. Before going on vacation, ask your neighbors to collect any mail and packages delivered as mail piled up is a clear sign to potential burglars no one is home making your home a viable target. Getting to know your neighbors can help keep your home and neighborhood safer as everyone will be looking out for each other and hey, it just makes life nicer in general too.

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