Why Should Your Business Upgrade to Windows 10?

Windows 10 was released on August 1 of 2015 with Microsoft offering free upgrades to existing users as a means of encouraging adoption. Aside from the fact that it is the latest iteration of the operating system on which most businesses run, there are many reasons for businesses to switch. In fact, Windows 10 Enterprise includes numerous features for the specific purpose of motivating businesses to upgrade. Small businesses in particular stand to benefit as the new operating system offers them flexibility across all their devices. Data Installers Inc. provides IT services in Montclair CA and can assist your organization with the upgrade as well as in a number of areas including:


• Phone systems

• Structured cabling

• Fiber optics

• Audio and Video

• Support and servicing for your IT infrastructure

The many reasons for a business to upgrade to Windows 10 include:

1. It is Free

Simply upgrading will cost your business nothing if you are running Windows 7 and up. In fact, the notification that allows a free upgrade should be visible in your computers’ task trays. If your system is older, you may have to pay for the upgrade; however, there will be no additional costs after that.

2. Windows 10 is the Final Windows

It will retain the same product name even though it will continue to be updated over time. Microsoft is going after the model used by Gmail and other products. In this model, the OS is delivered as a service. The goal is to ensure that everyone is running the same product. This helps Microsoft to develop products for their ecosystem and to ensure that all the systems are secure.

3. You Get a Personal Assistant

If you have used Windows Phone, you may be familiar with Cortana. Cortana can provide you with information ranging from the best restaurants in your area to your local weather forecast. You can interact with Cortana by speaking to it or via typed text on the keyboard.

4. It Feature Snap Assist

The ability to snap windows in order to resize and position them on the screen was available as far back as Windows 7. However, Windows 10 has taken this feature further so that you can now snap windows vertically and horizontally. You will be able to snap four windows instead of just two. If your work necessitates having multiple windows open simultaneously, this feature may make you more productive.

5. Better Mobile Device Management

These options allow for the management of both bring-your-own-device hardware and devices owned by your enterprise. If there are multiple users sharing one device, they will each have control over the windows store along with the VPN and have the ability to wipe the device and configure data protection. Windows 10 allows devices to be enrolled automatically into an MDM service to be managed on an ongoing basis. It can also allow for the separation of corporate and personal data, which is important if your business involves the use of bring-your-own-device hardware.

6. Improved Control Over Updates

You will have more control over the frequency of patches as well as their criticality.

7. Azure Active Directory Provides Simpler Sign-On

Along with being simpler, it is also more secure. Your business will lessen its reliance on passwords when moving between different cloud services like the Windows Store and Office 365.

8. The Security is Better

Windows 10 includes two-factor authentication that uses the device as one of the factors with the other factor being either a PIN or a bio-metric signature like a fingerprint. Windowsbitlocker has also been improved and now provides an extra layer of protection that follows data when it moves from device to device and to locations in the cloud.

9. Improved Search

Similar to Windows 8, the search options in Windows 10 are much better and can make navigation less necessary. This can help your enterprise to free up the time that was once spent carefully organizing data.

10. The Windows Store

All purchases for your employees will be made here. You will also have control over the applications that your employees can see. In the Windows Store, there are applications that can run on both tablets and desktops.

With all of these benefits, it is certainly a good idea for your business to upgrade to Windows 10. Data Installers offers businesses computer services in Montclair CA and can help with your organization’s transition to this latest version of Windows. We also provide a broad range of technical services.

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