5 Ways VOIP Can Save You Money and Increase Efficiency

VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and VOBB (Voice Over Broadband) systems have revolutionized the way many companies deal with the vital communications their businesses need to survive (and thrive) The technologies have also saved these same companies more than a little money.

If your company hasn’t made the switch from a traditional PBX system to a VOIP based system yet we can’t help but wonder why. Often though it’s because a business has failed to realize the advantages doing so would offer them. So, here’s a little about just five of the ways that VOIP can save your business money and increase efficiency at the same time.

One Stop Shopping – For a company making use of a traditional PBX system, there are usually at least two different vendors involved in the equation; the company providing the actual phone lines and phone service and the company providing the equipment. VOIP and VOBB usually offers one-stop shopping however, something that saves both time and money. Many VOIP providers offer all-inclusive packages that cover all the latest phone system features and unlimited minutes, even for international calling. Often the VoIP provider will provide the phones too, at a very low cost or even free.

Run a Leaner Business – There probably isn’t a business operating on the planet that does not find the appeal of cutting costs and running a leaner operation appealing. By making use of all that VOIP has to offer companies get a reliable phone system that comes along with operating costs that continue to drop year over year.

Say Goodbye to the Phone Guy – Many business owners – and their employees – know all about the phone guy. Waiting for the phone guy to show up. Calling his (or her) employer to find out where they are when they don’t. Waiting for him to come back again two days later when the parts he needed for a repair are finally in stock. Dealing with the sticker shock when he hands you an invoice for a couple of hundred dollars just for moving a phone from one office to another or adding an extra extension for the new VP.

Hosted VOIP on the other hand, allows companies to take back control of their communications systems. There’s a new guy just started and he needs a phone? The line is literally a few clicks away. Need to change the way a call moves through the extension chain? That, and much more, is a matter of spending a few minutes clicking through a web portal, rather than spending hours waiting for a tech with a tool belt to finally show up.

Allow Your Employees the Freedom to Move – In many industries it’s hard to get things done if you are chained to a desk waiting for a call. And this has become such a mobile world that having to do so seems almost archaic. VOIP systems can help employees break these chains however, as forwarding the calls that usually ring at their desks to their cell phones is a breeze and taking advantage of things like voicemail to email and call forwarding to home is just as simple.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open, No Matter What – One of the things that used to concern some business owners about VOIP versus PBX is what would happen if the Internet went down, as, perhaps, a result of a power outage. These days however, most VOIP services offer a fail-safe for that, via options that allow businesses to pre-configure individual extensions to forward to a cell phone or other device automatically if the usual Internet connections do go down.

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