Want a surveillance system, but don’t want to see the wires? Check out wireless CCTV…

Surveillance cameras are sometimes called IP cameras or CCTV cameras. Whether it is wired or wireless, a visible surveillance camera can act as a deterrent to potential intruders and you can use it to keep an eye on events occurring in your home. You can also record footage from your camera and save it for viewing at a later point.

Indoor VS. Outdoor Security Cameras

Surveillance cameras are typically designed for use indoors or outdoors. Indoor cameras are often smaller and lighter than outdoor versions. Outdoor versions are usually built sturdy to withstand the elements and to resist tampering by vandals and intruders. The result is that outdoor cameras tend to be more expensive than indoor ones. These days, it is possible to find cameras that can be used indoors or outdoors.

Wired VS. Wireless

Wired CCTV cameras tend to offer better video quality at a more affordable price. However, a traditional wired CCTV camera requires connection to a recorder via cable. This means that it cannot be installed and used in all situations. On the other hand, wireless surveillance camera systems include a wireless transmitter along with a receiver so that a wireless signal can be transmitted. This makes wireless a very versatile option.

Benefits of Surveillance Cameras

Easy to Install and Position

A wireless surveillance camera system has all the benefits of other wireless devices in that it can be used in most locations. You can position a wireless camera in any part of your property including areas where running cable is not feasible.

They Are Compact

Wireless cameras can be small and unobtrusive. This may be useful if your goal is to gather evidence rather than to have the camera serve as a deterrent. A wireless camera can be small enough to do its job without alerting an intruder to the fact that they are being recorded.

Motion Detection

Cameras with motion sensors start working when motion is detected. This means that it only records when there is activity in its vicinity so that you will not have to sift through hours of footage where nothing is happening. Some motion detection surveillance cameras have pan and tilt functionality so that they can track moving objects automatically.

Night Vision

Some cameras provide the ability to record in low-light conditions. These cameras use infrared technology so that activity in poorly lit spaces can be illuminated.

Internet Connection

Modern wireless security cameras can connect to your security system via an internet connection. They do not have to be hardwired into the home to communicate with your alarm system. You can also control them from a smart phone or computer.

There is a wide variety of functions and capabilities to choose from when buying surveillance cameras. Whether you need a camera for your home’s interior or so that you can keep an eye on your yard, choosing the right one can greatly enhance your safety and prevent property loss. If you need a surveillance camera installed or have any other audio/video needs, contact us at Data Installers, Inc.. We handle wireless CCTV installation in Montclair CA and surrounding areas. We can also handle phone systems, structured cabling and fiber optics as well as IT services and support.

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