Wireless Systems For Your Business or Residence

Wireless Systems For Your Business or Residence

A new generation of entrepreneurs – and their businesses – rely on wireless solutions to ‘power’ the enterprise on a day to day basis. For that to work though the wireless technologies in use must be an integral part of a business’ overall networking solution.

What is a Wireless Network for Enterprise?

A wireless local area network – or wireless LAN as it is often referred to – makes use of radio waves to connect the various wireless devices employees might use – laptops, smartphones, tablets etc. – to the main business network and its various applications.

Wireless Network vs. Wired Network

Often, a wired network is still at the heart of any business’ network solution. In the most basic terms, a wired network connects devices to other networks and the Internet in general using cables. These cables are usually connected an Ethernet port on one end and the actual device at the other.

In years past it was believed that a wired network was the faster, more secure choice, and that wireless for enterprise was far less reliable. While there may have been some truth to that a few years ago, it’s no longer the case, thanks to the many advances made in both hardware and software used to create and maintain wireless networks.

The Benefits of Wireless Networks for Business

Almost any business, large or small, can reap significant benefits when they make use of a wireless network. These include:

Increased Mobility:

Wireless for Enterprise allows employees to finally move! Once they are no longer tied to a single desk, and can work almost anywhere within the reach of the wi-fi connection, they are likely to become more productive and, just as importantly, more content with their jobs in general.

Easier Set Up – To create a wired network new cabling, switches and other hardware usually must be installed. That is not the case for a wireless network, meaning that set up and expansion is often faster, easier and more cost effective.

Easier Expansion – It’s the goal of any business to grow. And as it does, so does the demands placed on its networks. A wireless network can be expanded with greater speed and ease than most wired networks, making it possible to enlarge a network in as little as a single afternoon.

Ongoing Cost Reduction – Because wireless networks and wireless solutions eliminate or significantly reduce wiring costs, they usually cost an enterprise less to operate on a day to day basis than wired networks.

Wireless Solutions for Enterprise, Any Enterprise

What kinds of businesses can benefit from wireless for enterprise? Almost any, no matter what their niche. There are some businesses however that can especially reap the benefits of a reliable, efficient set of wireless technologies, including the following:

  • Schools and Colleges
  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities
  • Restaurants, Bars and Cafes
  • Malls and Retail Stores
  • Managed Residential Apartments

What We Offer

Data Installers offer a comprehensive range of wireless for enterprise solutions for Southern California businesses. Making use of the latest technologies from the likes of Cisco, Aruba, HP, and more, as well as the expert knowledge and vast experience of our dedicated technicians we can create, implement and help maintain the wireless for enterprise solutions that best fit the needs of your unique business. To learn more simply give us a call, or contact us today.